PhotoCard by Bill Atkinson is a free app available from the iTunes App Store, that allows you to create custom postcards using Bill’s nature photos or your own personal photos, then send them by email or postal mail from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Bill Atkinson, Mac software legend and world renowned nature photographer, has created an innovative application and service that redefine how people create and send postcards.

With PhotoCard you can make dazzling, high resolution postcards on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and send them on-the-spot. The app is amazingly easy to use. To create a photocard, select one of Bill’s nature photos or one of your own personal photos. Then, flip the card over to type your message. For a fun touch, jazz up your photocard with decorative stickers and stamps. If you're emailing your card, it can even include an audible greeting. When you've finished your creation, the app can send it to any email or postal address in the world!

  • No frustrations. Simple, intuitive, and fun graphical user interface.
  • No delays. Within minutes of thinking about a friend or family member, you can have a personalized photocard on its way to their postal mailbox or sent directly to their email Inbox.
  • Make it postcard-perfect. Use one of Bill’s stunning nature photos, or resize, crop and adjust one of your own photos.
  • Write your message on the back of your card using any available font, size, and style.
  • Edit in place and get what you see with full-screen page layout.
  • Decorate photocards with your choice of playful stickers and colorful stamps.
  • Record voice notes, up to 60 seconds, and include them in your emailed photocards.
  • Personalize your postcard with custom stamps, custom stickers, and even a custom signature.
  • Sending photocards via email is always free.
  • Sending print-and-mail cards to the USA costs as little as $1.50, including first-class postage, and as little as $2.25 to other countries.
  • Large 8.25 x 5.5 inch cards are printed with a state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital press and laminated for lasting protection.
  • Address correction makes sure your card is deliverable as addressed.
  • A graphical confirmation email informs you when your card is being printed, and another email when it has been mailed.
  • A sent card history shows you all the cards you’ve sent, and lets you open a new, editable copy to start a new card.
  • Browse a world of beauty wherever you go. PhotoCard includes a collection of Bill's finest nature photographs and a limited license to print and mail these copyrighted photos.

  • NEW IN VERSION 12.0:
  • PhotoCard 12.0 uses on-demand resources so it downloads faster than previous versions and uses much less storage space on your iOS device.
  • You still have access to the same 220 stamps, 440 stickers, and 220 nature photos, but only those that you actually use will be stored on your device.
  • Since PhotoCard 12.0 is smaller than PhotoCard Lite, the Lite version has been discontinued.
  • If you were using PhotoCard Lite, please install PhotoCard 12.0. All your resources will automatically sync from the PhotoCard server.
  • When you edit your message while holding your iPhone in portrait orientation, PhotoCard will zoom in to make the text easier to read.
  • Removing the 7-bar FIM-D postal marking makes for a cleaner look and more room for stickers.
  • It’s a universal app optimized for each different model and resolution of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
  • PhotoCard 12.0 requires iOS 9.0 or later.

  • PhotoCard 12.0 includes access to 220 of Bill’s nature photos, 220 stamp designs, and 440 fun and decorative stickers.

    Brought to you by Bill Atkinson, author of Apple’s original QuickDraw, MacPaint, and HyperCard software.

    Click here for the PhotoCard User Guide, which is adapted from the application, and contains tips and techniques for using Bill Atkinson PhotoCard.
    Click here for Frequently Asked Questions, useful for troubleshooting if some aspect of PhotoCard is puzzling you.
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