Artist's Statement

Photography begins not in the camera but in the mind and the eye. The real work is one of noticing and appreciating, seeing things clearly and differently, and sharing that vision with others. I have developed my vision and my photographic craft in order to bring the beauty of nature to light in a fresh way that can inspire and nourish people.

Personal History

At the age of ten, Atkinson was given a subscription to “Arizona Highways” magazine. He cut out several nature photographs, displayed them on his bedroom wall and found that he was nourished and inspired by them. Thus began Atkinson's lifelong journey – exploring and photographing nature. Atkinson has spent more than forty years refining his vision as a photographer – hiking through forests and deserts; lugging camera gear through rain, mud and snow; seeking out the special light that reveals hidden beauty. Through intimate landscapes and close-up details, Atkinson's photographs highlight and celebrate the wonders of nature. By developing his skills as a photographer and a fine art printmaker, Atkinson has been able to create expressive and archival photographs that faithfully share his experiences. As a pioneer of digital printing technologies, he teaches workshops in fine-art printmaking and has shared his expertise with over three hundred photographers.
As a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer, Atkinson designed much of the initial Macintosh user interface and wrote the original QuickDraw, MacPaint and HyperCard software. After years of designing software tools to empower other creative people, Atkinson is now empowered in his own art by the accuracy and creative control made possible by the digital printing process. In recent years, Atkinson has explored the miniature landscapes hidden within stones. By photographing cut and polished rocks he has created an extensive collection of evocative images that look more like abstract paintings than photographs. These photographs are featured in Atkinson's photography book, “Within the Stone.”



General Magic

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Bill at Work

Below are a few snapshots of Bill at work, thanks to his friend and colleague, Charlie Cramer.