Gallery-wrap canvas prints

Gallery-wrap canvas prints offer a clean and intimate presentation that focuses on the image itself without matting or glare from glass. The image is copied and wrapped around the stretcher so the print is complete without a frame. Compared to matted prints, the canvas prints look more like paintings, but preserve the rich colors, tonal depth, and fine details of a traditional photograph. For a given wall space or visual weight you should generally choose the next larger size for a canvas print than you would for a matted print. Since the canvas print is ready to hang, the total size and cost is usually about the same, but you get a larger and more detailed image with the canvas print.

Before printing, extra image data for the gallery-wrap border is generated by copying and mirroring in Photoshop®, so as to preserve the exact original composition. Bill then makes the print using the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 printer with Epson Ultrachrome K3™ archival pigment inks and Breathing Color™ Brilliance Chromata White™ canvas. After the canvas print has dried thoroughly it goes to a spraying room for two heavy coats of Glamour™ II varnish. This protective coating helps to bring out the depth and clarity of the image and allows the canvas to be cleaned with a damp cloth. Bill builds a custom wooden stretcher frame and stretches the canvas to make the gallery-wrap. Each print is numbered, dated, and signed with a fine point silver marker. The finished canvas prints are ready to hang, but those who prefer can add a frame.

Matted prints on semigloss photo paper

If you are adding to an existing collection of matted and framed photographs, or if you prefer the more traditional photographic presentation with a mat, frame, and glass, then you may want to order one of Bill's matted semigloss photo prints.

Bill makes each of these prints using the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 printer with Epson Ultrachrome K3™ archival pigment inks and Epson Premium Semigloss Photo Paper 250. After drying, the print is mounted with T-hinges onto acid-free foam board. (Prints 24 by 30 inches or larger are cold mounted instead.) Bill cuts an archival double mat from Rising® white museum mounting board, which is 100 percent rag, acid free and buffered. Each print is numbered and dated, then signed both on the mat and the print border hidden under the mat.

Capturing and preparing the images

Bill travels a great deal to photograph the beauty of nature – driving, flying, sailing, hiking and backpacking to remote areas to experience nature's splendor firsthand. He currently uses a Hasselblad H1 medium-format camera system equipped with a 39-megapixel Phase One® P45+ digital back. His older images were made with Linhof, Hasselblad, and Nikon film cameras, with transparencies scanned at high resolution on a Heidelberg Tango drum scanner. Many of his mineral abstract images were digitally captured with a BetterLight large-format scanning camera.

Bill usually photographs each subject many times – like in a portrait session – using different lenses, angles and compositions, watching as the lighting and subject change, and often returning another day or season for better lighting conditions. After each major photographic expedition, Bill sorts through thousands of images and selects only a handful of outstanding images to offer as fine-art prints.

Using Adobe Photoshop® on a high end Macintosh, Bill fine tunes each image, staying true to the original scene while correcting the color balance, managing tonal ranges, and refining with subtle dodging and burning to create a more expressive image.

Bill is a master of the color-managed workflow, using accurate camera, scanner, display, and printer profiles to achieve excellent color reproduction. He personally prepares each print using the finest digital printmaking techniques and has developed proprietary software technologies that give outstanding print quality with the latest Epson wide-format professional printers.

About limited editions

Bill's fine-art prints are offered in open edition only, but each print is individually printed, numbered, dated, and signed. Bill feels that the practice of limited editions is somewhat obsolete because of continuing improvements in printing technologies and in his skills as a printmaker. He would rather offer the very best photograph he is capable of making today than sell a print from an edition of prints made ten years ago. Bill prepares each print with great care, and the limitations of his own time have made his prints naturally rare and precious.

Time to allow for a print order

Bill usually prepares and ships fine-art prints within a few weeks unless he is out of town on a photo trip. Please call or email if you need a print sooner than that.

Guarantee of satisfaction

The compressed images on this website cannot do justice to the fine detail and rich colors of Bill's expressive fine-art prints. We are confident that you will be pleased with the quality of our prints, and we offer a "no questions asked" return policy to help assure you. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the print within thirty days for a full refund. Please call ahead to let us know of any problems and to arrange for shipping.